Romeo: Would you like to volunteer?

Would you like to volunteer? – You can volunteer for the Steering Committee or as a volunteer to help.

The Steering Committee is an advisory group which oversees the program for the community.  The committee has three main functions.  These functions are:

  • Responsible for raising the funds necessary for beginning the program
  • Weekly operations of the program
  • Maintain sufficient funds to ensure the continued running of the program.


We already have a few members for the steering committee, but we could use additional members to round out the committee.  The committee meets once a month in the early months of the program and then as necessary to maintain a smooth running of the program.  Additional members are needed for the other positions on the committee.  These positions oversee Volunteers, Logistics, Inventory, Packing, Fund Raising, and Social Media.


Many volunteers are needed on a weekly basis to help with the program.  If you have the time to assist with any of these activities, we will welcome your assistance.  You can volunteer weekly, once a month or a few times a year. Areas where volunteers are needed are for Packing, Pre-packing, Transportation, and Food Delivery Day. The number of backpacks being packed will determine the time required for these activities but average one hour once a week.


If you would like to volunteer or would like additional information, please CONTACT US.