Rotary Club of Wyandotte

Whenever a new person assumes the president’s chair at the Rotary Club of Wyandotte, he or she has an important decision to make.

In July 2015, Jeremy Gyorke was charged with the task of taking on a project as the club’s new president.  With so many worthy causes, there’s no shortage of projects that could benefit local residents.  He was aware of the Blessings in a Backpack program being in three of the four elementary schools in Wyandotte.  Jeremy decided the project Rotary would take on was to raise the necessary money to add Washington Elementary to the program.

This was no small task.  Washington Elementary had 188 children eligible for the program. To ensure the program had the necessary funds to cover all the children who wanted to participate $18,800 needed to be raised.  Rotary worked hard during 2015 and with the start of school in 2016 the children of Washington Elementary received their first Blessings in a Backpack each Friday.

Rotary did not stop at the point of getting the program running at Washington Elementary. Each year the Wyandotte Rotary has continued to be a partner with Blessings in a Backpack helping to feed children right in their own community.  Your members have been important in the life of a child, and we are very grateful for your continued support.