Waterford: Community Partner for 10 Years

Waterford Blessings first packing Waterford Blessings first packing

You might wonder how we get the food we pack each week.  We would not be able to do it with a partner we have had from the very beginning – Changing Places Moving & Services.

First, the food is supplied by the Meijer Corporation.  They deliver a month worth of food to the Meijer store located in Waterford.  Now we must get the food from the Meijer store to the packing locations.  For 10 years, Changing Places has provided a driver and a truck each month, at no cost to the program, to go to Meijer and pick up the pallets of food for Riverside Elementary and now Donelson Hills Elementary.  They, then deliver the pallets to each of the schools.  Volunteers are ready at each location when Changing Places arrives to unload the truck.   The cases of food are then moved into the designated storage rooms in preparation of each weeks packing.

Thank you, Changing Places, Johnna Struck and your entire team.  Feeding a child is a simple thing that can be taken for granted.  But, for the families served by Blessings in a Backpack, a year’s backpacks of food can be life changing.  We could not do it without you.

If you are planning a move, please consider Changing Places, 248-674-3937.