Wyandotte: HockeyMania


Are you still hesitant to attend large charity fundraisers? We have the perfect solution for you to support Blessings in a Backpack-Wyandotte from the safety of you home. While doing so, you can win money in the HockeyMania Sweepstakes.

Blessings in a Backpack-Wyandotte is having a Charity Studio Music Download for Charity. Each person who purchases the Music Download receives $20 in downloadable music and a HockeyMania Sweepstakes Ticket. The Sweepstake Ticket contains a game card with 3 random teams in each of the last 15 weeks of the professional hockey season. To play the game, participants simply add up the goals scored by the 3 teams printed on their card in a given week. Each week, the 16 highest scoring cards, and the 4 lowest scoring cards, win cash prizes. At the end of the 15 weeks there are Grand Prize Winners for the highest 15-week total and the lowest 15-week total. Odds in winning at least once during the sweepstake is 1 in 16.9.

The cost is $20. To purchase a Music Download for Charity and receive your HockeyMania Sweepstake Ticket contact Dana at 734-283-5670. You can also contact other Steering Committee members for tickets.

Click to view the HockeyMania flyer.